Everyone Might Be A Senator (2009)


1. Dismal Bleak Hopeless Radio Theatre Theme Song

2. Are You A Senator?

3. Johnny And Danny Continue Their Conversation

4. A Senate Conspiracy

5. My Baby Left Me For A Senator

6. Sally, How Could You Do This To Me?

7. No One Can Love You Like A Senator Can Love You

8. The Laughing Senate

9. The Strangest Feeling

10. The Election Results

11. Curtains

12. Advertisement #1 “Compassionate Confrontationalists Incorporated”

13. Advertisement #2 “The Senate”

14. Curtains Reprise

15. End Theme


Samuel Des Pair of Dismal Bleak Hopeless Radio Theatre guides you through the most dismal, bleak and hopeless musical ever recorded.


“The strangest yet best thing I’ve listened to in [a] long time…I feel strongly that this bizarre exploration is what music is all about” —Joshua Brechner, Josh The Intern blog

“…the impeccable Omaha collective Shelter Belt…just released a must-own new album, “Everyone Might Be a Senator,”…we understand there’s much more to that city’s scene than Conor Oberst and his cronies.” —Matthew Perrine, Duluth News-Tribune





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