Live in Madison, WI


Shelter Belt is an eclectic prog-pop band and we’ve been writing, arranging, recording and releasing original material in our home studio, the Beltcave, since we met as teenagers. Keeping with the DIY ethic, we also do our own PR, marketing, design, and booking. Our touring has taken us throughout the United States and we’ve even run two tours of the Hawaiian Islands.

Our substantial repertoire and tour history has allowed us to garner a collection of rave reviews in publications across the country.

Shelter Belt achieves a sonic richness few bands strive for and fewer attain. The band changes its style with every song and shows an amazing range of talent. —Amanda Mull of The Red and Black (Athens, Georgia)

In 2015, we released two new albums: a rock/folk/country album entitled Look At Your Hands, You’ve Got Explaining To Do and a symphonic/electronic record called Money In The Weeds.

We hope you enjoy listening to our music!

Thank you,