Music from the film Extraordinary Leverage (2007)


1. Harbor Theme

2. The Floor

3. Admiral Saucepan’s Insurance Shop

4. Approach

5. Love Theme

6. The Cut (Barber Shop Theme)

7. Hallway Theme

8. It’s Okay

9. Skimpy’s Pub Theme

10. Rain Theme

11. Only So Much

12. It Was A Good Day

13. What Do You Say?


A collection of instrumentals and pop numbers featured in or inspired by the short indie film Extraordinary Leverage. Features NLJ Klosterboer of the band Papers on saxophone and Luigi Waites on vibes.



Amanda Mull of The Red and Black (Athens, GA) writes:

“Shelter Belt achieves a sonic richness few bands
strive for and fewer attain. The band changes its
style with every song and shows an amazing range of

Luigi Waites’ contributions to songs such as “Only So
Much” give the music a depth of sound that makes them
intriguing after repeated listening.”



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