Everyone Might Be A Senator
by Shelter Belt




Johnny as Johnny
Senator Dan as Danny aka “Secret Senator”
Sally as Sally
? as “The Senate”
And featuring Samuel Des Pair as himself


The role of Shelter Belt is played by Jedediah, Anthony, Nick, Chris, Rachel, Jesse, NLJ, and Luigi.

All songs written by Jesse J. Otto except tracks 11 & 14 written by Jedediah Vondracek and Jesse J. Otto

Produced by Jedediah Vondracek and Jesse J. Otto

Recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jedediah Vondracek at the Beltcave

Violins, violas, cellos, and contra-basses performed by Lo-fi Casio Army

All string arrangements by Jesse J. Otto except tracks 11 & 14 by Jedediah Vondracek

Art and Design by Anthony Knuppel at Trimly.


1.Dismal Bleak Hopeless Radio Theatre Theme Song
featuring Samuel Des Pair


2. Are You A Senator?


3. Johnny And Danny Continue Their Conversation


4. A Senate Conspiracy


5. My Baby Left Me For A Senator


6. Sally, How Could You Do This To Me?


7. No One Can Love You Like A Senator Can Love You


8. The Laughing Senate


9. The Strangest Feeling


10. The Election Results
featuring Solomon Thornbrush on lead guitars


11. Curtains
Featuring Samuel Des Pair


12. Advertisement #1 “Compassionate Confrontationalists Incorporated”


13. Advertisement #2 “The Senate: We Have Your Best Interests At Heart!”


14. Curtains Reprise
featuring Samuel Des Pair


15. End Theme